If you suffer from sharpening-induced frustration, get Sharpening Woodturning Tools. Its essential feature is the apparently simple computer-designed templates invented by Mike Darlow which allow you to set a grinding jig for any particular tool within 10 seconds with great accuracy.

Setting grinding jigs has until now always been a problem, and especially if you’re using a bench grinder because its wheels are constantly lessening in diameter. With Darlow templates your jig settings are accurate however much the grinding wheel is worn. Further, with the Darlow templates you set the jig directly, you don’t set the jig from a tool which you must have already ground correctly. These are immense advances.

The DVD’s 2 hours 58 minutes also cover:

1. What tools to buy, and what to look for when buying tools.

2. What cutting-tip design and cutting edge geometry is best for each tool.

3. Which grinding jigs to buy, and how to accurately set the different types.

4. How to maniplulate a correctly jigged tool to achieve the desired tip and cutting edge geometry.

5. Refining and refreshing a ground or worn edge by honing.

The DVD’s chapters are:


1. How Woodturning Tools Cut

2. Blade Materials

3. Introduction to Sharpening. Whether to hone or not is fully discussed (Mike recommends honing).

4. Abrading Equipment

5. Grinding Jigs

6. Tool Geometries

7. Tilting-Platform Jigs

8. Grinding Freehand

9. Pivoting Jigs

10. Handle-End Jigs

11. The Heli-Grind

12. Honing and Buffing

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