The skew is the most unforgiving woodturning tool, but also the most predictable. Therefore once you understand and know how to present and manipulate the skew properly, fear will be be displaced by pleasure and confidence.

In this 3-hour DVD Mike explains, demonstrates, and demystifies every aspect of the skew. You’ll understand why the skew catches, and while this DVD doesn’t promise to entirely eliminate catches from your repertoire, you’ll have far fewer, and know what corrections to make.

The chapters are:


1. Skew-chisel geometry

2. How the skew works

3. Sharpening

4. Introduction to the turning chapters

5. Cutting pommels and roughing

6. Planing to a cylinder

7. Truing ends

8. Bead-turning basics

9. Turning isolated beads

10. Fillets, parting, planing curves

11. Other skew techniques: parting-off, slender spindles, cutting coves

Front of slick

Back of slick