Mike is downsizing, and selling the three lathes, two outboard turning stands and a geared-head drilling machine shown below. He’s also selling three rare first edition ornamental-turning books. All can be viewed at and collected from Exeter, NSW, telephone 02 4883 4455.

A German Geiger lathe circa 1938. It has an elliptical chuck and a compound slide. Both are removable, so the lathe is excellent for plain turning. Comes with a banjo and a large and small faceplate. $2,000.

A little-used Herbert eight-speed geared-head drilling machine. The swallow is 3 Morse taper. $1,500.

A very heavy lathe made in UK by Demco. $1,000.

One of two outboard turning stands, $300 each.

The cast-iron, one-piece flat bed and tailstock are from a Lang brand engineer’s lathe circa 1890. The centre height is 230 mm, and the capacity between centres is 3.8 m. $1,000.

Copy signed by the author. $500